Every January, the Mandalay Bay Convention Center becomes the place to be for buyers and sellers in the floor covering industry. While the focus of The International Surface Event is flooring, the organizers understand the connection between gorgeous design and the products, tools, and technologies of the flooring industry. Design professionals, architects, builders, retailers, and restoration professionals look to the TISE Show for inspiration that goes far beyond carpet, tile, and wood plank flooring.

A feature article in The International Surface Event 2017 Product & Trends Lookbook for 2017 was the idea of Color Narratives – the story, meaning, and inspiration behind the color trends in design for the coming year. These are not random selections by any means. They are thoughtful, carefully considered color trends, with a solid connection to the world in which these stories emerge. Mark Woodman of Design+Color explores three macro trends for 2017:

Rainbow Bright

* Bold color brings exhilaration – an opportunity to embrace the experience of modern life. Optimistic and joyful hues dominate this macro trend, bright but never brash, with a dash of gold, a rainbow of happy shades.

* When it comes to finishes, this narrative includes plenty of texture, lots of layers, with a bit of luster and gloss.

Rewired Humanity

* Mobility, smart homes, the cloud – all part of modern life. This trend is all about merging our lives with the technologies that make our lives easier, but also about disengaging from them, bringing our lives back into balance to reconnect with our humanness.

* This story combines the sleekness of technology with warmer hues of yellow, gray, blue, and orange.

* The surfaces that reflect this trend include satin finishes to replicate the glow of modern devices and soft touch surfaces to lessen the hard edges of technology and reconnect with others.


* Unplug. Recharge. Modern life can be hectic, busy, and constant. Quietude is about finding serenity and calm, escaping from the chaos, finding comfort in muted color.

* This narrative keeps its focus on the muted and pale, serene and soft. Soft white, peaceful neutrals, translucent blues and greens, lavender and rose.

* The lines and edges are rounded and smooth, pushing back the hard edges of modern life.

Source: Tisewest.com