Trends come and go, and it sometimes seems impossible to stay on top of each one as it comes into favor and then recedes. For 2017, these trends are hot, hot, hot. If you find that you have included some in your current design, you can rest assured that you are in the know.

1. Mixed metals – the overkill of brass in the last couple of years has been toned down, brought back to center with the idea of mixed metallic surfaces – a bit of bronze, some gold, a little nickel, and some iron – an eclectic look nails it. Also good to know: brushed metal is out; matte appliances are in.

2. Colors – 2017 is all about the saturated neutrals, jewel tones, and blue (in just about any shade). This year, color seems to be about depth and substance.

3. Pattern and detail – Chevron was fun while it lasted, but it is definitely on the downhill turn. Instead, rich global tapestries and bohemian inspired patterns are on the upswing. For detail – nothing beats a little nailhead trim and if you have some subway tile, you are golden.

4. Oversized is over – Smaller footprints are all the rage when it comes to homes, including the furnishings. Modern furniture is space-efficient, often modular, and most definitely multi-functional.

5. Get smart – Technology is here to stay, and homes with integrated smart home technology are becoming more and more the standard.

6. Treat yourself with texture – The modern world can be harsh but coming home to a space layered with comforting texture soothes. Nubby blankets, the rich grain pattern of cerused wood, lush velvet – each material brings its own personality to the space. Choose what works for you.

7. Magnificent marble – Marble is everywhere – countertops, tiles, vanities, tabletops, accessories, even inspiring wallpaper and rugs.

8. Curvalicious – For a while, most modern elements were straight lined and edgy, but in 2017, there has been a pushback toward softer lines.