Midcentury Design


Midcentury style is one of the hottest looks going these days.  Comfortable pieces with clean lines, colorful fabrics, and a true sense of style elevate our homes with a glamorous glimpse into the past.

Browsing antique shops and flea markets to find vintage inspiration is a hobby for some, but most of us with our modern lives do not have time to seek our midcentury treasures one piece at a time. Fortunately, modern furniture and accessory designers are also inspired by the fun of midcentury fashion and offer us brand new items with that delightfully quirky vibe.

Using aging techniques, fifties style fabrics, and clean lines, vintage modern lines in designer portfolios help us create an eclectic mix of modern and midcentury that just seems to have a story all its own.

When using vibrant colors, use a neutral backdrop such as a warm gray for best effect. If selecting pieces based on shape and line, with neutral tones, consider adding a pop of color on the wall. Build layers of style with quality furnishings, colorful fabrics, and accents in vignettes.

What was old is new again with vintage modern style. Functional, beautiful, and reminiscent of the good old days, it’s a look that is here to stay.

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