floral wallpaper trendsAn interesting design trend for 2014 is the resurgence of floral prints. If your mind immediately jumps to your grandmother’s chintz cushions, never fear – we are talking about an updated version of floral design.

Imagine bold colors — including neon, playful use of scale, and a definite artistic flair in the florals for 2014. Botanicals are blooming in muted tones, bold swaths, tropical themes, and graphic displays. The cheerful look of flowers and leaves is popping up in fabrics, accessories, and wall-coverings everywhere.

Also contributing to the trend is the use of digital photography to create fabrics and wall-coverings from a digital image of a flower or leaf creating an extremely realistic image of nature indoors.  Hand drawn floral art can also be transferred to fabric or paper with this technique.

If you are concerned that floral prints in your design may feel like a floral shop explosion, definitely start with a piece or two as a little floral can go a long way in everyday design and you can always add more.

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