Sometimes a little bit of glam is all it takes to bring a smile to our face. As we head into 2017, rich and regal colors and materials are enjoying their day in the spotlight. Elegant marble styling ratchets up the luxury factor, while velvet in bold jewel tones wraps us in sophistication and adds depth. Simply gorgeous!

Marble has been steadily gaining in popularity for the last year or so with Carrara marble being the most sought after and high-end version. Typically white or blue-grey, Carrara marble is quarried in an Italian city of the same name at the northern edge of Tuscany. While Carrara marble remains the most desired, the look of marble has been replicated in many other ways bringing this elegant look to the masses.

Chic and sophisticated, marble countertops or marble tile backsplashes elevate a kitchen. A marble coffee table top provides the same level of refinement in the living room.  The rich pattern of marble has been recreated in fabrics used for pillows, upholstery, and window coverings, and manufacturers have replicated the pattern on accessories for use throughout the home.

Another opulent material in the forefront of home fashion this year is velvet. Soft and sophisticated, with a definite tone of luxury, velvet by its very nature brings the glamour to any room.  Traditional shades of velvet include saturated red, inky black, deep sapphire blue, and rich green but hot pink, bright lime, juicy tangerine, or cerulean blue are super fun ways to add the lux with a modern twist. Gorgeous in any shade, velvet can read quite traditional, but for a modern look, juxtapose the warmth of velvet with the sleek coolness of acrylic accessories.

Perfect for an upholstered piece, sink-into-at-the-end-of-the-day bedding, stately window treatments, or just a tossed pillow, velvet’s rich history adds a wow factor to any room.


Source: Zillow Digs® Home Trend Forecast, December 2016


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