High Point Market 2015

Home design professionals know that the ultimate event in keeping up with trends and design is the International Furniture Show in High Point, North Carolina, otherwise known as High Point Market.

Vendors, designers and other home design experts from around the world arrive bringing the latest and greatest ideas in home décor. The newest ideas in color, texture, materials use and shape fill 11.5 million square feet of event space.

A trade show like no other, High Point Market is held each autumn and spring, with the most recent show wrapping up April 23. For six glorious days, the showrooms buzz with excitement about what’s new and fresh in design.

Notable trends surfacing this year:

  1. Bold and bright color. This reflects the positivity people are feeling as the economy continues to strengthen and life takes on a rosier feel. Reds and yellows made a prominent appearance.
  2. The stories! People are drawn to objects with a history, a story, a unique narrative.
  3.  A focus on luxury. Optimism is high and it is reflected in furnishings covered in luxurious fabrics, tailored beautifully with elegant finishes.
  4. Scaled size. Downsizing and tiny houses have increased designers’ interest in making beautiful things smaller in scale.
  5. Pinks – both pastel and pop wow! On the softer end: pearlized, pink-beige, subtle. No bubble gum shades here, just sophisticated tranquility. On the bold side, hot pink pops!
  6. Texture of all kinds. Faux fur, fiber rugs, leather.
  7. Floral designs. Bold, bright and fresh. Definitely not your grandmother’s chintz.
  8. Blue in every shade! Blue has been strong for quite some time and shows no sign of diminishing in its influence.
  9. All that glitters is gold! It is everywhere. Mirrors, light fixtures, accessories. Gold leaf, brass, matte and subtle, shiny and strong, even rose gold.
  10. Craftsmanship. Of late, it has been all about artisan quality and attention to detail.

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