When it comes to forecasting home design trends, Lily Berelovich, founder of trend forecasting firm Fashion Snoops, points out that “the trends that we will see within the next two years are already beginning to take shape now. It is a fascinating process to discover how cultural movements translate into future products.”

At the recently concluded High Point Market in High Point, North Carolina, the opening day event offered a glimpse into the future as seen by Fashion Snoops home interiors director, Jaye Anna Mize and a panel of industry experts including

  • Kelly Ellis, interior designer
  • Stephen Orr, Editor-in-Chief of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine
  • Laurie Pressmen, Vice President at the world-renown color authority, Pantone
  • Randy Rubin, co-founder of Crypton Home Fabrics

The panel discussion, entitled The Future of Home Fashion: Discover the Trends Driving Tomorrow’s Style Choices,” explored the experts’ predictions of macro trends for the coming years as well as how those trends will manifest in products and styles in the marketplace.

According to Fashion Snoops, there are three macro trends that will in all likelihood be major forces in design and décor in the near future:  

  • New Luxury – sophisticated and smart design with an emphasis on superior quality and craftsmanship
  • Journey – the desire to disconnect from the modern world, putting the focus on the experiences of life, especially travel to unique and mind-opening places
  • Interconnectivity – using technology to enhance our life, connecting us in ways we have not yet imagined

Color trends will lean decidedly neutral, with green being the most common accent color of choice. These hues lend themselves to a serene space, offering a tranquil retreat from modern life. Texture will take on a more important role in adding interest to monochromatic design schemes. Technology will continue to play a larger role in our lives, but consumers will demand seamless and integrated tech over the next flashy gadget.


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