Since the turn of the century, Pantone, the world’s foremost authority on color has offered us their pick for the Color of the Year. This color typically is both a reflection of where people’s thoughts and attitudes are and where Pantone’s committee of experts thinks they will be as the year unfolds.

Is the year one of limits or a free spirited set of 365 days? Is it an optimistic time or one of more restraint? Are people feeling powerful and resilient or more reserved?

The previous Pantone Colors of the Year in progressive order:

2000 – Cerulean – a powdery blue with a gray base
2001 – Fuchsia Rose – a daring pop of deep pink
2002 – True Red – a balanced red hue, bold and bright
2003 – Aqua Sky – crisp and light, with a gentle softness, yet not quite pastel
2004 – Tigerlily – a vibrant orange, powerful yet grounded
2005 – Blue Turquoise – a richer adaptation of 2003’s Aqua Sky
2006 – Sand Dollar – warmly neutral
2007 – Chili Pepper – a blast of bright red, rich and fiery
2008 – Blue Iris – a blue with a violet undertone, soothing but not sleepy
2009 – Mimosa – the only yellow ever chosen, bright enough to be called sunny, but softened with a hint of brown
2010 – Turquoise – A deeper hue of 2005’s Blue Turquoise, with green undertones
2011 – Honeysuckle – a sweet-natured pink brightened with a touch of coral
2012 – Tangerine Tango – continuing the coral notes from 2011, but fun and sunny
2013 – Emerald – an optimistic green
2014 – Radiant Orchid – lush lavender, rich and silky
2015 – Marsala – deep rich wine, a blend of burgundy red, tempered with neutral notes