Mid-June of 2017 marked the 49th year of NeoCon, a commercial and business trends trade show highlighting the workplace, healthcare, hospitality, retail, education, public space, and government markets.

One industry thread, workspace, has direct application to home office use. The same wellness focus, design aesthetic, and trend direction of the corporate workplace is something to consider when planning and designing a home office.

Five primary trends stood out in the exhibits and presentations at NeoCon 2017:

  • Acoustic comfort: The noise of a household while on a conference call can be a serious distraction. For superior productivity, consider products that create an acoustically positive workspace at home. Draperies of certain fabrics, wall art installations, and floor coverings can affect the acoustics of a space.
  • Adaptive Furnishings: Particularly in a home office, furnishings often must function in multiple ways. Flexibility is key, and the more customizable a piece can be, the more likely it is to function in needed ways. Add some interesting lines for a little bit of style, and form and function come together in a beautiful package.
  • Biophilic Design: According to EarthTalk.com, biophila is defined as the “inherent human inclination to affiliate with nature,” and bibliophilic design as “an extension of biophilia, incorporates natural materials, natural light, vegetation, nature views and other experiences of the natural world into the modern built environment.” With modern home design trending toward the green, the eco-friendly, and the nature, it’s no surprise that offices are pointing in that direction as well.
  • New technology: To run a business, it is imperative that devices are fully functional, and advanced charging technologies are making that process more integrated in the workspace.
  • Privacy: While not quite as applicable to the home workspace, it is still worth noting that commercial design is working to provide open plan workspaces with privacy options, many of which are beautiful as well as functional.



Sources: NeoCon 2017, EarthTalk.com