Trendsetters. Influencers. Innovators.

Those born between 1980 and the year 2000 are a demographic with a reputation for being all of the above. They know who they are; they know what they like. Confident, optimistic and active, they thrive with technology, build connections via social media, and believe that life should be entertaining, purposeful, and highly efficient.

Add to that mindset the fact that this generation is eclectic and diverse ethnically, typically progressive in their thinking, and passionate about personalization and it is clear to see that the trends set by this demographic reflect their core beliefs.

  • Modern marvels –
    • The millennial generation seeks technology devices that enhance their lives, make them uber-efficient, and amp up the fun (LED lights in the shower, for example!)
    • Their style and sensibility typically leans toward clean lines, sleek silhouettes, and contemporary construction.
  • Natural and sustainable –
    • This demographic is always on the look out for products crafted from eco-friendly and sustainable materials that are renewable as well as beautiful.
    • Products that allow Millennials to pursue personal health, created with materials that do not detract from their well-being are preferred.
    • There is something glamorous and rich about look of marble and granite, but those materials are not sustainable or renewable. Modern science is finding a way, however, to bring those looks into the modern home with a much smaller footprint ecologically.
    • Products that repurpose or reclaim materials tend to offer unique and eclectic looks with a modern sensibility.
  • Everything in its place –
    • Organizational products help bring order to hectic and busy lives. Each item in the home has a dedicated space and is easy to return to that spot, and when that level of functionality comes with a sense of style, even better!

While at first glance, these trends may seem a bit contradictory to each other, the millennial demographic views them as a bit of yin and a yang, a balance of sleek modern combined with the natural beauty of the world.


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