Millennials (i.e. those born between 1980 and 2000) continue to be a demographic whose likes, interests, and philosophy of life influences the marketplace.

According to, Millenials as a general rule seem to be defined as

  • Electronics focused
  • Socially networked
  • Ethnically diverse
  • Optimistic
  • With a desire to confidently follow their dreams

As a result, the Millenial generation is the most connected generation in history, with a passion for travel, and a resistance to being tied down to too many possessions.

Marketers, designers, and manufacturers have aggressively sought ways to capture the dollars of this demographic, and one of the strongest showings in that regard is the idea of modular furniture.

Modular systems are made up of independent parts, which can be scalable, reusable, multi-functional, and easily movable.

Modular furniture tends to have a decidedly modern style, but what differentiates it from other contemporary and clean lined designs is the level of customization and multi-function that is possible.

The most popular modular lines include add-ons and hacks like USB charging ports and smartly placed storage hooks. They are scalable, meaning that more than one piece can be fitted together, and they are customizable by mixing and matching different components to create a functional space, unique to that person.

Ideally, modular pieces are also multi-functional:

  • A sofa that converts to a bed
  • A nightstand that doubles as a bar cart
  • Wall-mounted music speakers with enough style and panache to be considered art
  • Storage units with tuck away leaves that convert to table tops

When it comes to the design elements of these systems, many are fashioned in soft, neutral, calming tones – a detail intended to provide respite from the busy world and a sense of serenity at home.

These pieces are easily moved from one living space to another, allowing the owner to continue to be fairly nomadic, open to experiences, and on the go.

Modular furniture is not for everyone, but for the consumer who requires multi-function pieces for small spaces and the opportunity to pack up and move, it is an ideal solution.





Milan Design Week 2017