2015 lighting trendsLayers of light have long been a key component in adding style to a space. As technology continues to advance, modern options for lighting have increased at an exponential rate. Here is a glimpse into some of the hot lighting trends for 2015:

  • LED lighting – Energy efficient, bright crisp light useful for kitchens, bathrooms or anywhere in the home. Add to the mix the delightful fun of LED lights installed in a modern showerhead which changes color based on the temperature of the water or LED lights in a wide range of styles and sizes which change color via a wireless hub controlled by the user’s smartphone.
  • Wireless lighting — Lights can be scheduled via an app at random times to add security when homeowners are away. Motion sensor lights connected to security systems also add reassurance.
  • Utilitarian lighting – Lighting installed within cabinets and drawers, under soffits, and in hard to see spaces.
  • Chandeliers – Long seen as the luxurious end of lighting, these stunning fixtures are popping up in the most unexpected spots: laundry rooms, bathrooms, kids’ bedrooms.
  • Copper – As a material that works excellently in both contemporary and traditional design schemes, this stunning and warm metal is all the rage in lighting this year.
  • Clustered pendants – Typically installed as a single fixture or in a linear row, the latest craze with pendants is to install them in clusters adding light with a unique silhouette.

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