Most homeowners worry about bringing style to their home to avoid drabness and boring simplicity. However, there are some who are not fans of dominating bright colors taking over their home. Natural elements such as earth tones, while simple, can bring the balance you need throughout your home. Warm and cool metals are the perfect natural elements to bring the balance you are seeking.

Metallic design can add style to any home, while also brightening a room, warming a cool neutral room, and can be an amazing focal point. Whether you add a pop of gold, rose gold or copper, using metals to design your home can turn a plain room into something striking.

Here are five ways metallic design can improve your home:

  • Create a focal point: A silver chandelier or gold-accented wall can make a great focal point to a room to create a standout feature in an ordinary or plain space.
  • Transform exposed pipes or eyesores: Metallic wallpaper can fix any drab wall, and any metallic finish can fix any exposed pipes, adding an industrial look to any area in your home.
  • Warm up a neutral room: Cool colors such as grey and blue tend to make a room seem cold and uninviting. Warm up the room with accents of warm metals such as copper or rose gold. Besides buying furniture with metal accents, look to warm metallic décor, such as gold curtains or pillows with a gold design, which will add a glamorous touch to your home as well.
  • Add depth: Metallic design can also add depth to a room. Add rose gold wallpaper as an accent wall in a room, and even a small room will appear larger because of the reflection it gives off of the rest of the space.
  • Brighten a dark space: Warm metals pair perfectly with dark palettes because they brighten the room while maintaining the muted atmosphere. Dark hues of green or brown can be balanced with brass finishes or décor.


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