The High Point Market Authority, in preparation for this year’s High Point Market, partnered with trend forecasters Fashion Snoops to dig in and explore possible trends as we head toward Spring and Summer 2017.

Fashion Snoops’ research  and predictions brought an interesting idea to the surface – Old Havana. With the recent historically relevant opening of Cuba, the rich heritage of this island nation offers beautiful options for celebrating a new era.

  • The foundation of this trend is in the rich history of a mysterious nation, closed to most of the Western world for decades.
  • Tropical and lush, a variety of hues of verdant green and creamy ivories play a major role, balanced with burgundy and tobacco inspired leather balanced with a splash of bright sunshiny yellow and the golden tones of wicker. Add in pops of lavish violet, cobalt blue, vivacious red, sunny orange, and crisp clear teal to capture the vibrancy of this style.
  • Mid-century styling, complete with a Mad Men vibe, offers a throwback to days of old with a serious sense of flair.
  • Both supremely relaxed and culturally refined, it is an easygoing and sophisticated style, perfect for balancing sophistication and fun.
  • Accented by handcrafted artisan artifacts, solidly crafted furnishings, throwback  relics, and stunning glassware, this look is all about tropical luxury.
  • Vibrant, the colors read art deco mixed with island living.  A blend of past and present, sun and sand, cigars and vintage cars – this trend is romantic and passionate, solid yet flowing, a starry-eyed restoration of the past in the now.
  • Accented with Spanish-inspired tiles, embroidered fabrics, and flamenco ruffles.

Trends start with snippets of ideas, vague leanings and curiosities. When those ideas materialize into colors, shapes, and objects, a style trend begins. We think Old Havana is a trend to watch for the coming year.


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