Furniture PlacementBuying the right pieces is only the start of getting a room furnished correctly. These five factors are also something to consider as you place your purchases in their new homes.

• Consider balance. Symmetry creates it, asymmetry often unsettles it. Depending on the feel you want to create, either find a serene balance or to deliberately throw things off kilter for more interest.
• Consider scale. If a room feels crowded, that is because it probably is too full of large-scale furnishings. As many of us downsize, smaller scale furniture will help a room feel more livable.
• Think outside the box. A dining table does not always have to be in the center of the room. Think about the travel patterns, the usage of the space, and what other pieces are needed there.
• Float the furnishings. Pushing all the furniture against the wall serves to push our conversations apart as well. Bring pieces in to the middle of the space to craft a conversation area.
• Zone it! Modern rooms almost always serve more than one purpose. Build the room to make those activities most convenient. Have side tables near to seating for drinks and books. Build in workspace in places that need it. Make the room fit the people, not the people fit the room.

Image Source: Pinterest