Home design always welcomes gorgeous new trends of the seasons in color, décor and texture. Summer introduced us to some exciting new trends such as crisp all-white palettes, statement sculptures, and mixing modern décor with bohemian or Moroccan pieces. This season, we’re anticipating the glorious trends that fall has to offer.

As fall draws nearer, designers are beginning to reveal the top trends of the season. As summer influenced bringing out the bright and fresh atmosphere of every room, fall is in deep contrast.

Here are the design trends of the fall season according to HGTV:

Neutrals: Neutral design is really taking flight in this season’s trends. Mixing neutral textures such as sheepskin rugs and neutral bamboo walls add interest instead of using bright colors to grab the attention in a room.

High Contrast: There is a large spike in designing with dark colors and mixing them with bright colors to create a high contrast in a room. Dark muddy colors have become very popular in design, but there is a distinct desire to maintain the light ad inviting atmosphere in a room by decorating with bright décor.

Textured Pieces: Textured art décor will be huge this fall. Hammered metals and textures add detail to any piece and add personality to any room.

Bold Graphic Patterns: Bold graphic designs are taking notice this fall. Incorporate them in accessories such as throw pillows or in wallpaper if you want to be extremely bold.

Cozy Décor: Faux fur throws and soft knit pillows will make any home warm and cozy for the fall or winter. Cozy up and create your own faux fur pillows or other décor by purchasing the fabrics at fabrics.com!


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