4709648080_ffb178c20e_oFashion trends are often precursors to home design trends. So, keeping an eye on the runways of the fashion industry can give us a glimpse into what may be coming down the road in home décor. Trends evident this year from the fall collections of high-end designers include:

  • Rich metals – With a focus on the richer metals of bronze, copper, and brass, metals have become warmer recently. Expect to see warm metallic finishes as we head toward autumn 2014.
  • Chinoiserie – This delicate European art that focuses on florals, branches and birds is a bow to Chinese culture. The femininity of these details will be present on wall coverings, fabrics and fine arts this season.
  • Herringbone – Chevron’s more complicated and intricate cousin has been a mainstay of men’s fashion for years. Late in 2014, expect to see it visible not only in flooring, but in finer wood pieces and accessories.
  • Optical illusions – Black and white geometric prints work to create the feel of an optical illusion. These fun and mesmerizing patterns will be found in accessories, fabrics and even painted furnishings.
  • Shobari – A Japanese art form that resembles a high end and sophisticated tie-dye is likely to show up in beautiful fabrics and wall coverings this season.
  • Art Deco – An interesting and stylish time in art history, cubist designs and bold colors are the calling card of this style. This nod to the past is enjoying resurgence in fine art and fabrics for fall 2014.

Image Credit: Anna Fischer