Getting away from it all with a trip to the beach is the epitome of relaxation and recharging. With a little salt air, some sunshine, and powdery white sugar sand, most stress simply melts away. Add in the recollection of the ombre shaded ocean water — as clear a turquoise as one can imagine close to shore, fading into a deeper teal farther out, and finally to the deep blue of the distant ocean. Simply blissful!

The lazy days of summer draw those memories to the forefront – a quiet cup of coffee on the porch while the sun rises, some chilly sweet-tart lemonade by the pool in the midafternoon, and cocktails in hand as the sun goes down.

Resorts and beachfront condos are designed to evoke those feelings, to give us a rustic and comfortable place, full of charm where we can close off the outside world, unplug, and get away.

Ever wish you could recreate that same feeling at home? A serene and soothing space that draws upon the memories of the beach, and brings the tranquility to your space.

It is indeed possible.

  • Cottage color – Iconic cottage colors tend to either be crisp navy and bright white (chic and stunning!) or a combination of neutrals, various blues, soft greens, buttery yellows, and even gentle lavender shades for a soothing and relaxed beachy vibe.
  • Texture – Details are kept simple in the most sophisticated beach cottages, never kitschy. The décor is never about an overabundance of seashells or fishing nets, it’s about natural wood, likely distressed, plenty of houseplants, simple wicker furnishings, with organic fabrics of linen and cotton to pull it all tighter.
  • Light – One key to beautiful beachfront living is the melding of indoor and outdoor spaces. The line becomes less clear as to where the indoor areas are and where the outdoor begins. Covered decks, patios, lanais, or even balconies seem to be an extension of the home. Plenty of natural light floods the space and the outdoor views are maximized.

Even if we can’t get away from it all every weekend, we can bring a bit of that relaxation home as a retreat from the world, the perfect place for some downtime.