For the past several years, copper has been trending upward in popularity, starting its climb as a unique alternative to brushed nickel or polished gold and becoming a true contender in homeowner’s choice for metallic tones.  Its appeal begins with its warmth and color and extends due to its versatility enhancing designs from traditional kitchens to living spaces, bedrooms, and even baths.

There is an earthy feel to copper reminding us of its primitive origins, being the first metal used by humans in approximately 8000 BC. For years, copper was used for pipes and cookware, lending it a very practical feel. Today copper toned objects feel decidedly modern, unique and noteworthy, and most definitely decorative.

Copper in a kitchen reads traditional, even a bit French. Copper in the garden adds an old English vibe, and copper in the living room can bring a punch of contemporary wow!

Copper’s fiery glow packs a punch. There is no other metal that matches its red-orange luster. Available in many finishes, it can be polished to a gleaming shine, brushed to offer a more contemporary styling, burnished old world style, or hammered for a rustic effect.

While the metal itself is gorgeous, modern décor has found a way to recreate the stunning color of copper in a multitude of products – wallpaper, fabric, paint, and even countertops. Sinks, range hoods, pot racks, and faucets sport copper color these days.

Copper pairs beautifully with greens, mimicking the verdigris patina often found on exterior applications of copper. It plays nicely with blues, creams, browns, and even black. It can sink into its rustic and traditional roots or elevate itself to modern applications – a copper leafed wall, copper plated hearth, or even a stunning backsplash. In smaller doses, copper manages to add significant warmth and richness. Lighting, hardware, or accessories in copper catch the light and therefore, catch the eye.

The glow of copper is distinctive and dramatic, warms any space, and makes a huge impact even when used sparingly.


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