interior design trends 2014

Throughout 2013, metallic design trends were on the rise. As 2014 begins, nothing could be hotter in home trends than copper. An earthy metal, copper glows with a subtle, mellow quality and brings interest to a room that feels warmer than silver and less over-the-top than gold.

Copper contributes visual warmth to a space and presents in a variety of patinas from gleaming polished modern style to burnished traditional tones. Depending on the finish, this luxurious, yet grounded, metal can lend rich glamour or understated down-to-earth effect to any room.

In addition to varying patinas, differing textures of copper add interest. Experiment with brushed, scratched, hammered, and polished copper with lighting fixtures, decorative accessories, tabletop surfaces, and cabinet hardware.

Another benefit of using copper is that it is one of the few materials that actually gets more attractive as it ages making it a practical long term design choice for your home.