Modern Boho-chic is one part throwback to the hippie days of the early seventies and one part modern interpretation. The best part is that there is no one right way to bring the Boho – it is as individual as the person creating the space.

Perfect for laid back world travelers (or someday-want-to-be world travelers), the Bohemian look offers a chance to gather together an eclectic array of seemingly clash-worthy prints and treasures from travels into an interesting and unique design.

Known for its use of multiple layers of texture as well as jewel toned colors, with a focus on comfort, this look is perfect for a  bedroom, den, office, or even main living space.

There are two keys to a great Bohemian look: texture and color.

Layers of texture help bring the Boho vibe. Develop the layers with seventies style macramé wall hangings, heirloom crocheted pillow slip covers, richly dyed hand knotted rugs, soft silk poufs, simple cotton window treatments, sparkly beads, glittering jewels, or artisanal woven mats. Add in organically shaped wood tables, mixed metal accents, a mirror or two, or even textured wallpaper.

Traditional Bohemian looks often start with white walls and build the color with fabrics, but if you are so inspired, the freedom of Boho-chic means that you can paint the walls any color you desire. Consider a neutral like this year’s Sherwin Williams Color of the Year – Poised Taupe, or a delicate shade of mushroom. An alternative is to go in the completely opposite direction and make a splash with cobalt blue or tangerine.

Once again layer in color with rich patterns – florals, ikat, botanical prints, Moroccan, Mexican, or tribal influences. It doesn’t matter if they go together. In fact, it’s a more authentic look if they do not!

If you want to dabble in modern Boho-chic, add a subtle nod to the trend with a variety of prints on a soft sofa full of pillows or embrace the trend completely with a more-is-more philosophy of pattern upon pattern upon pattern. Either way, you’ll bring interest to your space.  

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