Neutral tones are well known for their versatility, their ability to play well with other colors, and their classic styling. When one says neutral, most people picture various hues of brown, multiple shades of gray, an assortment of whites, and black. In recent years, navy and midnight blue have also joined those colors in the neutral zone.

Lately, we have noticed an interesting newcomer to the neutral palette — a rich, earthy, dark green.

It is a natural progression, really. With the global focus on ecology, many color selections have been influenced by nature. Botanical and verdant, the dark down-to-earth green is a fresh new arrival on the neutral scene.

This green is in the same camp as the military’s army green, but with more depth, and the additional warmth of an olive shade. Rich and luxurious, it feels masculine, but is not overly so. It offers a solid grounding presence for the room, secure and confident without being bold. This green definitely makes a statement without saying a word!

The true test of a neutral is how well it pairs with other colors and this green simply rocks! It works with shades of plum and eggplant, is balanced by taupe, sings when alongside copper, and provides weight to ivory. We can see it working equally well with pops of orange, lighter greens, and soft grays.

This green is at home in a traditionally inspired design, but also works in a contemporary and modern scheme. Minimalist, opulent, rustic, or industrial – dark green earns its place in each. In a way, this shade works like adding a houseplant — definitely a positive addition to the space but never a distraction.

In a world where neutral has long meant beige, white, brown, or gray – the addition of this quiet and moody, rich and earthy, botanical hue is a welcome shift.

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