There are so many exciting trends this year; this article could easily be the best 10 or 15 trends for 2013 instead of 5. These 5 though, are all easily implemented design trends for any home.

Elegant, Graceful Design- It’s predicted there will be a surge in the use of pretty, classic fabrics.

interior design trend 2013

Homey Kitchens- Warm, modern materials that look vintage is the newest kitchen trend.

interior design trends 2013

Emphasis on Art- Interior designer Sara Story believes art will be an important element to design this year.

Interior Design Trends 2013

Bright Paint Colors- Nothing says room makeover more than a bright pop of color!

Interior design trends 2013

Gloss- High gloss, shine, mirrored pieces, and lacquer will be seen more this year.

interior design trends 2013

 Which trend will you most likely implement in your home?

Images note: Other than the kitchen, each of these images are photos of completed projects from our parent company, Builders Design.