We perk up when paint companies unveil their Colors of the Year, appreciating when there is a full palette of supporting shades to build into a cohesive look that is perfect for how we feel right now.

Looking beyond this year, even a couple of years ahead, gives manufacturers and designers a sense of direction as they play with color, make design plans, and build their looks for the future.

Isolating and defining the colors that will capture the feelings of consumers in the future is no easy task, but Color Marketing Group, a non-profit international association of color design experts, organizes the collaborative effort to do just that.  Their work presents not just one view, but diverse perspectives that explore the ideas of color through the eyes of different regions and cultures around the world.

November 10-13 members of the Color Marketing Group from all across the globe met in Albuquerque, NM to reveal the +2018 World Color Forecast. – a comprehensive color story of the future.  The unveiling is the highlight of the conference, which also includes opportunities for people with a passion for color can talk all things color, trend, and design.

The work of the CMG is research based, but not with lab coats and focus groups. The work is much more about awareness and experience. To their years of work in color and design, the color professionals add a layer of collaborative conversation, discussing what they have seen through their travels, their observations of people and places, and their assessments of what will influence the moods and feelings of the future.

The entire color forecast is kept very close to the vest, only being shared with members of the Color Marketing Group. We are fortunate, though, to learn about the Key Colors of each regional color story which give us a peek into the color story for each region.

Key Color Europe – Vapor: a pale wispy blue that suggests serenity and peace to offset the bustle of modern life. This hue offers the chance to “breathe, to recharge, and even escape.”

Key Color Latin America – Re-Value: a strong teal blue-green that strikes a balance between masculine and feminine, earth and sky – modeling both vigor and compassion and “engages the power of nature.”

Key Color Asia Pacific – Enjoy Life: a soft and soft yellow-based color reminiscent of the sun’s gentle warmth in the early morning light.

Key Color North America – Evolve: composed and natural, a neutral for the future. This color provides the opportunity to  take time to shift our hurried lives and seek inner calm.


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