Bedroom 5We spend an enormous amount of time in our bedrooms, and while most of that time is spent sleeping, these spaces can also be the ones where we can let our design sense completely free. It’s a private space, most people will never see it, and as a result, the design can simply be more personal and tailored to your own tastes.

In 2014, we are seeing multiple trends related to bedroom décor. The trends offer a rich variety of options increasing the likelihood that you will be inspired by an idea on the list!

  1. Hot in 2014 will be bold choices in print. Whether you prefer a large scale, floral piece of wall art or tartan plaid, make it a focal point in the room. We are not talking about your grandmother’s chintz pillows floral, but rather a print of a single stunning bloom taking up lots of real estate on the wall.
  2. Also on trend is the rustic look using lots of natural materials: wood, stone, metal, brick. To go all in on this look, use the natural silhouette of the materials to guide your design plan. Consider using neutral bedding, perhaps white, to make the materials sing in the space. Best of all, this look can range from country cottage to modern minimalist.
  3. Color trends are making themselves evident in the bedrooms of 2014 as well. We are seeing lots of soft black with gray and white in a soft and gradual monochromatic design scheme. Also super hot this season is blue, blue and even more blue! From pastels to classic navy, soft shades to bright hues, blues are everywhere. The best part? They all work together, so mixing and matching is such fun!
  4. Ethnic influences continue to pepper the marketplace. This year’s hottest are modern Danish and Moroccan. Modern Danish design makes the bed the focal point and the bed is low and lean. The room is bright, minimalist and highly organized. If Moroccan is more your style, consider using beautiful north African prints as window treatments, bed linens, upholstery. It’s a stunning look that just shouts adventure.
  5. Ever returned from a vacation and miss the hotel room? There is something about the luxury of a quality hotel room with its lux linens, soft lighting, oversized headboards, and practical furniture (bedside tables, table and chairs, reading chair), and the large windows to let in the morning light.  More and more people are striving for that same appeal in their bedrooms at home.
  6. If trendy leaves you tired of keeping up, another “trend” in the bedroom design world this year is a traditional space. Selecting this approach allows you to create a gorgeous retreat, which is safe and timeless. Choose classically designed furniture, perhaps a four-poster bed, tailored linens, and traditional color schemes. Traditional does not have to mean bland and boring. Accessories and bedding choices can be added in trendy colors and later easily changed as you wish to keep the room fresh.

See? There is something for everyone on the list. Here’s one more secret:  if you cannot decide, these trends can be mixed and matched to create your own true personal style for your bedroom. The possibilities are endless.