room color ideas






Pantone, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and Benjamin Moore all offer their selections for color of the year. Sometimes they seem to be on the same page, other times not. If one wants to choose the “right” color for their space, are the shades selected by major paint and color authorities the ones for you?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Color is intensely personal and has a true psychological effect. It is important to get it right, and by right, we mean right for you. If the color selected by your favorite paint manufacturer as the go to shade of the moment, but it sets your teeth on edge, then it is NOT the color for you.

Take some time to ponder what colors make you feel most alive. When do you feel at your best? Perhaps it is the color you are always wearing when someone says how lovely you look today.

Also consider how the purpose of the space might affect the color choices. If you favorite shade is bright bold red, but you need a serene sleeping area, then choosing a green or blue hue might make more sense.

Ultimately, color should bring you joy. It should feel beautiful. When you are blissfully happy and think, “This is gorgeous!” then that is the color for you!

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