While bold colors bring drama, and black and white offer stark contrast, we often yearn for a bit of respite, a sanctuary from the cacophony of our busy modern lives. In recent years, neutral grays, gentle greens, and serene blues needs have met those needs.

With the announcement last December of not one but two Pantone Colors of the Year – Serenity and Rose Quartz, it was clear that an era of gentleness and calm was most definitely on the horizon for 2016.

The selection of a pink tone and a blue tone felt at first like a baby shower décor scheme, but as the year has unfolded, the Rose Quartz shade has evolved in our minds to be a sophisticated and lovely dusky shade of pink that pairs perfectly with the softer, more feminine trends in design.

Rose Quartz when interpreted as a blush tone offers composure and grace to any home. Adding in graceful and elegant curved lines, sophisticated scalloped details, and trims like tailored skirts on seating and tasteful florals brings this look together with timeless femininity.

The subtle warmth of Rose Quartz expresses itself as a neutral of sorts — a forgiving blush tone that is flattering to most skin tones. Sophisticated and elegant, this shade looks amazing on walls, upholstery, even lighting – offering the perfect shade to diffuse the light.

Pair it with gray or lilac to offer some contrast. It also works well with its partner in crime – Serenity, that calming blue shade that shares the spotlight of Color of the Year. The name itself is a tribute to a mineral shade, which makes it work well next to stone or metal materials.

Perfect in paint, fabulous in fabrics, on the ceiling, the floor or the walls, this shade envelops us with a gentle glow – cosmopolitan, beautiful, and not at all reminiscent of a baby shower.