Fall Lighting As the autumn days begin to shorten, interior lighting decisions may need to be adjusted to provide useful illumination as evening plans move indoors after a summer spent outside.

Many lighting options are available but the easiest option to introduce into a space is a tabletop lamp. Easily placed and then readjusted as necessary, lamps provide mobile lighting options with endless design options.

Details to consider when selecting lamps:

  • Color selection – Classic and timeless, cotton shades in neutral tones will always work in any space. Alternately, a lamp in an accent color adds a vibrant pop of color or complements the accessories in the room.
  • Pattern options – Experiment with patterned shades or patterned bases. One or the other is enough to add visual interest without creating visual chaos. Stripes, chevron inspired patterns, and even modern graphic prints are popular. Also consider that the texture of the shade material may visually feel like a pattern and should be treated as one.
  • Shade selection – The dimension of the shade should be twice the diameter of the base of the lamp. When adding more than one lamp to a space, consider unifying the look with similar shaped shades.
  • Lamp height – When choosing a lamp for a tabletop or desk, the bottom of the shade should be at eye level when seated.