Now that summer is officially in full swing, many families are spending less time indoors, and more time outdoors by the poolside lighting up the grill. But that begs the questions–Is your patio ready for backyard entertaining? If your patio is not up to par, these 5 simple fixes will help transform your backyard into a relaxing retreat.

Furniture selection

For the summer months, select furniture with vibrant fabrics and colorful patterns. Summer is typically associated with optimism, and your furniture should be a reflection of that carefree summer cheer. In addition to color, aim to choose comfortable patio furniture. The ultimate goal is to incorporate comfort and luxury into your perfect patio design.

Create Privacy
If you live within close proximity of your neighbors, it can be especially difficult to unwind—even in your own backyard. Create your own luscious retreat by planting tall trees and hedges. Bonus: planting trees will provide additional shade for you to relax under during those long summer days.

Add Accents
Add interest to your outdoor space with colorful, bold accents. Decorate your furniture with plush pillows that exude comfort. Sometimes the smallest touches make the space, so pay close attention to detail and add where needed.

Light it Up
Sure backyards are great in the daytime, but they can be even better at night. Be sure to use plenty of lighting in your backyard. As the day wounds down, you can rest assured that you’ll still have plenty of light for entertaining your guests and family.

What other essential elements would you incorporate into your perfect patio design? Feel free to comment below!

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