home decoratingGetting a sneak peek into a celebrity’s home and finding something we adore is one way to influence the style of our spaces. Lately, however, more and more people are shying away from imitating the style of celebrities and choosing instead to celebrate their uniqueness through the design aesthetic of their home.

As the number of choices, trends, colors and textures expands at an exponential rate, it is easier than ever to define one’s own style. Individualizing color choices, fabric selections, and furniture placement to suit your own unique perspective leads to a home that really feels like home. Your space becomes a reflection of you.

Mirroring a neighbor’s use of color, purchasing the same pieces, or hiring the same designer has less of an appeal when the ultimate goal is to reflect your own life and tastes. Experimenting with items you like, favorite colors, heirloom pieces all provide the palette and tools to craft a completely unique space.

In this mindset, a modern/feminine/global room is possible, a soft/industrial/eco-friendly room is an option, or a classic/masculine/spa-like space is achievable. We may continue to enjoy being granted a glimpse into the spaces in which our favorite celebrities live, but rather than imitate, the focus of the future is how their aesthetic style fit within our selection of artifacts, color choices, and furnishings.