The soft pastel hues that were popular in the 50’s are hot hot hot once again. Dusty, serene pale sorbet shades are popping up everywhere from paint colors to fabrics and accessories. While sweet, these dusty tones can be combined to create a delightfully modern aesthetic.

Soft pale pink, gentle hues of aqua and mint, luscious lavender and pretty peach have the capacity to soften a wall, add interest to a ceiling, provide a pop of color on furnishings or even pull the room together by being featured on the floor.

Pastel shades have a reputation for being sweet and childlike, and they are, but when paired in a more grown-up fashion, they move up into adult décor with ease.

Some options for playing with pastels:

  • Consider using only one or two shades at a time to avoid the unicorn rainbow effect.
  • Balance use of pastels with plenty of white in the space.
  • Pair a couple of pastels with an earth-toned piece to subdue the sweetness.
  • Combine a pastel with a bright bold hue (soft pink with bright coral, mint green with a pop of bright purple).
  • Add an urban edge to a pastel palette by using bold graphic prints.

Play around with the serenity and restrained allure of pastels. The end result may surprise you!

Image Credit: Elizabeth Donoghue