House Beautiful 2015

House Beautiful recently polled 11 top designers to garner their picks for the color trends and fashion inspirations as the calendar heads toward 2015. Some trends are continuations from 2014 and others bring fresh and new options into home design.

Here are the highlights:

  • Watch for blues of all shades to continue to be hot, hot, hot. A shade to watch for this year: Greek blue reminiscent of the blue domed roofs on the churches of Santorini.
  • Pastels are enjoying resurgence. Imagine an updated sunset inspired palette from Miami Vice: soft flamingo pinks, poolside clear aqua blue, soft orange of the setting sun, and the green of a palm leaf.
  • The neutral of the year continues to be gray, either a dark and moody charcoal shade or a lighter, elegant pale gray hue. Another up and coming neutral option, though, is olive green. Organic and rich, but evenhanded enough to serve as a gorgeous background.
  • Influences from the past predicted to impact the future color trends of 2015 include the rich shades of Renaissance artwork and throwback shades to the 1960s.

As 2014 winds down, we can look to the interesting trends of 2015 for inspiration in our spaces. Keep your home on the cutting edge of color trends by bringing in these shades via accessories, wall coverings and paint, or even upholstery.

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