2014 imageAs the calendar page turns to the New Year, we are often filled with motivation and inspiration to improve our lives. Physical goals, financial goals, productivity goals represent worthwhile endeavors.

Consider, though, the potential that reworking the home environment could have on any other goal one might set. Our homes serve as our launching place. If that space is functional, peaceful and pleasing, we set ourselves up for success from the first step.

Ponder the following ideas for enhancing your space in the New Year:

Declutter: The day-to-day clutter of life tends to visually over stimulate most of us. In the kitchen and bathroom, keep out those things you need daily, and tuck the rest away. Storage solutions can be stylish – a delightful basket; a multi-functional storage ottoman; or a perfect new cabinet to hold games, puzzles, and the like.

Freshen: In the living space, analyze the accessories. Keep only those things you love. If your appreciation for an item has waned, donate it, then shop to find a new treasure that evokes a smile every time you walk past it.  Another budget-friendly option is to swap out the accessories for a set in a different accent color. The change in a room will be dramatic even with a few small changes.

Flow and Purpose: Most of us have areas of our homes that just do not function the way we would like for them to. Take some time to reflect on the arrangement of the furniture or the organization of the space. Rearrangement or replacement of items in the configuration can completely change the flow of the room and may leave you wondering why you did not think of the solution sooner!

Just like in areas of personal improvement, often small changes make huge differences in the quality of our lives.

What area of your home could use a little New Year’s resolution?