laceWith June weddings in full force, it’s time to take a close look at the loveliness of lace. Whether vintage is your motif or modern is your mode, there is a place for lace in your design.

Vintage lace, delicate and demure, simply whispers femininity. Often perfectly faded, heirloom lace adds texture and luxury with handmade elegance. Often treasured due to their origin, antique lace also serves as a beautiful conversation starter.

Modern interpretations of lace bring a bit of edge to the demure. By changing up the material to gorgeous gold or stunning silver, the delicate nature of lace-inspired styling is amped up to modern chic. Lace lampshades fashioned after luminaria add texture to light and visual interest to a room as the sun sets and the pattern emanates through the room. Lace with geometric styling also imparts a contemporary edge.

Consider adding a smidge of lace to your next room redesign for an unexpected pop of femininity – either the demure and sweet loveliness of vintage lace inspired fabrics or the dramatic and glamorous rock star edge of a modern interpretation. Either variety layers in tons of texture and effortless elegance.


Image Credit: Sharron Goodyear