BeachHave you ever been so enthralled with a vacation spot that you wished you could bring it home with you? There is something wonderful about capturing the ambiance and tone of a favored vacation destination in our homes to evoke that feeling whenever we spend time in that space.

For many of us, our favored vacation spot is centered on sun, sand and sea. Fortunately, for us beach lovers, recreating the essence of the seashore is as simple as a few color choices, a bit of weathered wood, and accessories designed to bring the sea to mind.

For colors, think cool and crisp: lively coral, soft aqua, clear sky blue, bright tropical yellow, and even stunning sunset orange. Add weathered whitewashed wood furnishings, comfortable seating, and cool linen fabrics and you are well on your way to a beach resort in your living room. Finish the look with tropical plants, the addition of sea glass colored vases or bowls, and just a couple of shell accessories.

Keep your editing eye sharp to avoid going one step too far with the theme. Restraint will keep your space sophisticated yet fun, a relaxing retreat from real life. Add an umbrella to your drink to add the crowning touch!

Image Source: Magean Tintari