how to create a gallery wall

Hanging a single picture frame on a newly-painted wall can be nerve-wracking for some who worry about making a mistake, and having to live with a visible hole in the wall. Creating a gallery wall (a grouping of picture frames or artwork) can cause a full panic attack. Grouping them together on the floor is a helpful start, but how does it translate to the wall without having a lot of mistakes visible?

Here’s one tip to accomplish a gallery wall with ease:

Tear off a large piece of butcher paper and arrange the pictures on the floor on top of it. Once you like the arrangement, trace around the frames with a pencil. Check each frame to see how far down the nail will need to be in order for the image to hang within the space drawn (e.g., one inch below the top frame line drawn). Mark that point with the pencil as well. Once you have checked and marked for hanging each frame, tape the butcher paper to the space for the gallery wall. Hammer the nails through the paper in each spot marked for a nail hole. Take the paper down, and hang the frames.

Do you have any tips for hanging images?

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