Hampshires DCFor years, beige has held court as the queen of neutral design. Recently, gray has been giving beige a run for her money.

As a neutral, gray abounds with fashionable possibilities:

  • Use gray as a neutral then add a pop of bold, bright color. Think lime green, hot pink, red, orange.
  • Choose a warm gray on the walls as a stunning backdrop for art and perfect compliment to any window treatment.
  • Gray stands strong next to patterned fabrics and works with thousands of colors, so swapping out accessories is a snap.
  • Ponder these color pairing options:
    • Gray + yellow = stunning
    • Gray + pink = subtle sophistication
    • Gray + black + white = interesting monochromatic palette
    • In the words of Nate Berkus, “Pale gray walls and glossy white molding always looks expensive.” (Better Homes and Gardens, September 2013)

Give gray a try – it is one of the most versatile colors in the designer’s palette.