Color has a distinct ability to affect our mood. As we keep our finger on the pulse of color trends, we have noticed a distinctly optimistic upturn in the color palettes offered by top paint companies and even by Pantone, the world color authority.

Our color choices of late have been far more optimistic, sunny and bright. Vibrant pops of color highlight our joy, brilliant shades have infiltrated our spaces and wardrobes, and whether the color creates our mood or our mood affects our color selections, the cycle continues.

When we think about optimistic colors, our first thoughts go to sunshiny yellows, juicy oranges, and wow-that’s-pink pinks. Those colors seem to shout with energy. It’s important to note, though, that optimistic colors can also be more subdued and calming, depending on one’s personal tastes.

Happiness and joy can be bright and bold but they can also spring from contentment and calm. The serenity of our homes brings us a quieter joy. Blue has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity, in part because it is both an optimistic shade and one that lends a sense of tranquility. It radiates positivity without the need for intense vibrancy.

The key to using color to create your happy place is balance — the yin and yang of colors in a palette that pleases you. Inspiration may come from recent travel, childhood memories, or a favorite artist’s work. Whatever colors you select, build a palette in which each shade is lovely alone, but when used in concert with one another each hue enhances the others.

Make a statement – go bold, or just add a touch of a color that brings a smile to your face. Use color in layers, adding depth with different hues of the same color. Play with color and placement and texture and shape until you find a look that truly brings you joy.

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