front hall ideasFirst impressions are important and when it comes to your home, the first impression often comes from the entryway. Using this space to define the tone of the home is a powerful way to welcome guests into your personal style.

Crafting a foyer that exudes elegance, displays drama or warmly welcomes guests to the comfort of your home can be accomplished by selecting the right combination of furnishings, wall treatments and lighting.

Furniture with organization built in can be particularly suited for a foyer. A narrow table with drawers provides a perfect spot for keys, a landing place for the daily mail and a display space for treasured family photos. A bench with cubbies underneath offers an out-of-the-way stash for umbrellas, boots, and dog leashes.

The wall treatment serves as the backdrop to the furnishings: dramatic colors evoke strong impact; warm tones and textures are the foundation for comfort, and elegant color combinations offer classic sophistication.

Add layers of lighting to an entry to supply task lighting, general lighting, and “keep the light on for late night loved ones” lighting.

With the right combination of furniture, lighting and design, the entryway can become the welcoming committee of your house.