Four Fabulous Ways to High Style on a Budget

Style is the sum of so many things, beginning with a sense of who you are and having self-confidence – Kate Spade. While Kate Spade was most certainly talking about personal fashion, the same words ring true when it comes to home design.

While Kate Spade was most certainly talking about personal fashion, the same words ring true when it comes to home design.

Uniquely yours, your home is a canvas on which to create a masterpiece. Assembling all the right pieces, positioning them with intent, and adding the perfect finishing touches all add up to a serious chunk of change. So, when your style wish list goes beyond your budget, bring in high style at a modest cost.

  1. Use illusion to your advantage.
  • Invest in a larger area rug (or connect several smaller ones to create the illusion of size!) to make a room feel larger.
  • Try on a monochromatic, neutral color scheme. Neutral tones read uber elegant and have the added benefit of making the room seem larger.
  1. Remember that less is actually more.
  • A few high-quality pieces actually offer a bigger bang for their buck than too many items of lesser quality.
  • Lean into minimalism. You don’t have to actually be a minimalist to make use of some of the philosophy. Do you love that item? Then keep it, but make it shine. Don’t love it? Get rid of it, or don’t buy it in the first place.
  1. Au Naturel!
  • Green is the trend of the moment and high style knows it. The texture of fibers, the warmth of natural light, anything that brings the outdoors in both symbolically and literally. Make the most of a beautiful view, framing it with simple window coverings, or even nothing at all!
  1. Amp up the drama!
  • A statement piece, a wow factor, a pop of bold color – add a twist that turns heads.
  • Find a focal point and lead eyes to it. Consider a triptych on the wall behind the sofa, a stunning piece of art above the fireplace, or even select a rug that brings it all home!

Stunning style can be a part of every budget. Careful planning and intentional choices prove that style is less a function of money and certainly more about the vision of the wearer.


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