Artful arrangements

Have you ever walked into someone’s home or a furniture showroom and been captivated by a display? You can have that same feeling in your own space by creating an arrangement.

Gathering things that make you smile is a great start, but putting them together in such a way that they are pleasing to the eye might be daunting. There are a few simple rules for creating arrangements that awe your guests.

  •  One: Acquire fascinating things.
    • Mementos from your travels
    • Natural objects such as beautiful stones, lovely feathers, or a pretty piece of coral
    • Artwork that speaks to you
    • Accent pieces that bring color, texture or metallic pieces to the party
  •  Two: Consider both color and texture.
    • While a neutral palette can be sophisticated and lovely, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color in a shade that makes you smile.
    • Add metallic elements. Gold is super fashionable right now, and silver and platinum continue to be classic.
    • Stone brings yet another layer of texture. Maybe marble? Perhaps porcelain?
  • Three: Balance is key.
    • View your arrangement both from side to side as well as top to bottom.
    • Asymmetrical displays often work best because they tend to be more interesting to the eye.
    • Consider using lighting to add a new layer.
  • Four: Vary the elevations.
    • Use boxes, books or other objects as a higher platform.
    • Varying the altitude of pieces in the display adds dimension.
  • Five: Change is good!
    • Even a beautiful display becomes stale when it sits too long. Mix it up. Add a new piece. Bring in a new color. It will amaze you how much a simple change can make the whole thing new again!
    • Then again, you can always start completely fresh and change the whole thing.

Tablescapes are a wonderful way to highlight your personality and belongings. Use our guidelines to point you down the path of artful arrangements.