family friendly decoratingIf you have ever caught yourself saying that one day, when the kids are grown, that your home will be stylish and sophisticated, it is time to set aside the idea that you cannot have a family friendly and stylish home at the same time.

There are multiple methods for infusing style into a home full of children. Consider finding pieces which function as storage to stash toys and the clutter of daily life when using the space to entertain, but stay handy when the kids want to play with their toys.

Lacquered or painted furniture can be especially child friendly because it is easily wiped down to remove inadvertent sticky fingerprints. Use the arrangement of furniture to tuck away larger children’s toys behind seating. When upholstering, select sophisticated materials that are also durable and easily cleaned to stand up to everyday wear and tear.

It is possible to have a stylish home while raising a family. Show home perfection may just be a bit overrated. As Nate Berkus says, “It’s OK if the rug is a little worn. Your home should feel like a comfortable pair of boots.”