2086268311_96bd47675b_oWhen you find an item that simply delights you, and then another in a similar vein, it follows that you might be drawn to collecting similar objects. One is an object, two is a pair, and at three, you have the beginnings of a collection. A collection can speak volumes about the collector and offer a starting point for conversation when entertaining.

Considering a collection? Try one of these notions.

  • Stunning glassware in a unique style or color.
  • Bits of nature: feathers, the remnants of a bird’s egg, pine cones, sea glass, shells.
  • Antiques of a particular kind: medical tools, baking equipment, buttons, toys, or vintage camera equipment.
  • Books: by author, topic, color or age.

Once your pair has made the transition to collection, find a way to display the group that capitalizes on its beauty. Play around with different arrangements until you find one (or more) that highlights their uniqueness and brings a smile to your face.

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