furniture stores MDFlames flickering, drawing folks in, the fireplace frequently holds court as the focal point of entertaining spaces. Depending on the feel of the space, the fireplace has the potential to be an ultra modern architectural statement or a warm, cozy heart of the home.

While the fireplace has a practical purpose: keeping the family warm, it shines most as a perfect place to highlight one’s style.

Whether striving for a rustic or sophisticated space, placement of furniture around the fireplace should be carefully considered in order to make the most of the space. Groups of seating around the room are perfect for entertaining. Tucking in small tables give guests a spot for their drink or their reading material. If several seating areas are possible, consider making one small and intimate for quiet conversations or solo reading.

Adding accessories to the fireplace offers the chance to celebrate the seasons as the year unfolds. Accessories are easy to swap out and can change the look and feel of the room in just a few minutes.