Computer Generated Design: Virtually Unlimited Custom Looks

MD furniture storeEver wanted to capture a particular look but have been discouraged to find that no vendors anywhere carry exactly what you are looking for? Modern technology is coming to the rescue.

Technology now has the ability to take a digital image, perhaps a photograph or a computer generated pattern, and to translate that image onto wall-coverings, tiles, carpets, textiles, and even gift-wrap!

Consider these ideas:

• Perhaps you wish to match your tile to the perfect shade of blue on your heirloom water pitcher – computer generated design can help make that happen.

• You snapped a gorgeous photo of your mother’s favorite rose with your DSLR. That image can be translated to a pillow or wallpaper.

• When designing a modern space, you seek a chevron-patterned coverlet for the bed, but you have been unable to find just the right colors available in the marketplace. Computer generated design can create the image which is then translated to fabric. Find a seamstress (or drag out your inner sewing goddess) and voila – a custom chevron styled coverlet!

Using this method, a designer is limited only by what they can imagine. Purveyors of this technique are available online, with support for those who want someone else to do the design work, and also options for those who wish to be hands-on with their custom project.

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