MD furniture storesAny time the seasons change, we are re-inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature. When something inspires, it is the perfect moment to capture that idea and draw upon it to enhance your home.

Adding nature to your space can be done in a typically rustic and warm way, or alternatively, with a sleek modern vibe.

Experiment with the following to evoke the feeling of the great outdoors indoors:

• Rustic textures
• Natural shapes: branches, leaves, fruit
• Slate and stone
Natural wood pieces
• Botanical or floral prints

While the typical nature-influenced room is full of lush mossy greens and warm rich browns, nature does not stop there with color. Consider bringing in the soft gray of a dove feather or a bright coral from a delightful blossom.

Nature inspired design often pulls together different elements and mixed materials to capture the infinite beauty of the great outdoors.

Image Source: Our parent company, Builders Design