Summer Cottage

Nothing says summer like the beachy, breezy feel of cottage style décor. Timeless and classic, the cottage look is always on trend, comfortable and easy to maintain.

Key elements to the cottage look include:
• Furniture and fabrics selected for comfort — Ottomans designed for putting up one’s feet, upholstered chairs perfect for curling up with a great read, and entertainment units designed for easy living.
• Painted finishes – Well-worn shabby chic, typically in lighter hues, but for an updated twist, try soft black.
• Simplicity in design – Perhaps a bit of adornment here and there, but practical styles, eclectically combined into functional understated spaces.
• Traditionally white paint, but in modern interpretation, other soft colors work beautifully – The perfect way to add your personality to the design with a subdued version of your favorite color. Great choices: butter yellow, sage green, lavender, cornflower blue or even gray.
• Mix and match fabrics – Consider natural fiber fabrics, vintage florals, or a well-placed stripe on an upholstered ottoman, throw pillows or super simple window treatments.

The beauty of cottage style living is being able to incorporate relaxed and easygoing family living into a personalized space pulled together with eclectic furnishings and a subtle color palette.

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