Autumn Inspired Living Room

Autumn has arrived with a plethora of pumpkin (pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks and pumpkin everything else everywhere else). While we love the flavor and scent of this perennial favorite, we love the look of it too. But pumpkin is not the only color of the season.

Fall also conjures up the rich browns, deep oranges, and dark greens in our minds, but modern options abound to welcome the season in a fresh new way. Try deep rich burgundies, merlots, and malbecs. These rich tones are simple and sophisticated, bringing elegance to the space. Deep amber also adds a level of elegance, warm and glowing.

Consider bringing in the pop of aqua this fall. Paired with the warmer hues of the season, it’s a gorgeous combination! Also warming things up this season are metallic tones, especially copper and gold which add light to a space without diminishing the warmth.

Embrace fall with its richness and warmth. Just do it in a whole new fresh way!

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