Halloween DecorThe witching hour is upon us with bats, ghouls and black cats popping up everywhere. Halloween is such a fun season! While classic jack o’lanterns and witches hats are truly timeless, for an interesting twist consider a few innovative ideas as you dress the house for the night of ghouls and ghosties.

  • Update the classic jack o’lantern with lustrous metallic paint or consider adding bling to your gourd with inexpensive crystals from the local hobby store.
  • Burlap has been a mainstay of Halloween and autumn décor for years. Mix it up by using lace or tulle instead.
    Silhouettes of spooky things look stunning in a window backlit from inside. Try simple tree branches, an outline of a bat, or the shadow of a witch.
  • Bring the latest trends into the mix: paint polka dots or chevron designs on pumpkins using colors that make you smile! There are no rules that say a pumpkin must stay orange. If you love pink, paint it pink!
  • Experiment with glow in the dark paint to create luminaries for the porch or driveway.
  • Make subtle shifts in color choices. Rather than bright orange and jet black, try coral with dark gray for a sophisticated variation on the classic. Experiment with different shades of purple and green, blue and black, or even white and gray.
  • Chalkboard paint is still a super hot trend. Paint a pumpkin and pen a welcoming note or spooky message in chalk. To kick it up another notch, use glow in the dark chalk, available in many colors.

Image Credit: Love Maegan