ideas for shelvesShelves and bookcases can be a beautiful addition to an interior design plan or look like a cluttered mess. Having a plan for the space can make a huge difference for the entire room. The best advice is to not treat it as an afterthought, but rather, incorporate it into decorating plans. Here are six more ideas to inspire creating a visually-impactful shelf statement in any room:

  1. Use paint a couple of shades deeper than the room to paint the back of the bookcase.
  2. Add style and interest to the shelf by adding an eye-catching, unexpected item into the mix.
  3. Keeping it simple, with a few visually-interesting items, can add a lot to shelf space.
  4. Use baskets on shelves for various items you need to store.
  5. Make a bold statement by painting the interior of the bookshelves a bright pop of color for great impact to the room.
  6. Wallpaper the back of the bookcase for added interest.

ideas for shelves

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